Barnstaple ABC held a 65th anniversary show and it turned out to be a superb night of boxing.

There were a total of 18 bouts on then night, 14 of them featuring boxers from the hosting club and there were four wins on the night for Barnstaple ABC boxers.

Hatton Jury and Freddie Hall took part in skills contest to get things underway before a terrific battle between Barum's Andy Dyer, who emerged as the unanimous points winner against Ross Hendy of Skemers, Bristol.

Next into the ring for the home club was Buster Davies who lost a majority decision to Marley Dowell Lee of Holland Park ABC.

Leland Scott lost a unanimous decision in his fight with Kings BA boxer Levi Chiplin and it was a similar fate that befell Charlie Ludwell, who was beaten by Swindon Brunel boxer Peter Stowe.

Next into action for the home club was Billy Down, who lost a majority decision to Holland Park's Harvey Theedom.

That was followed by a first round retirement for Lewis Downing in his meeting with Broad Street's Fahad Opu.

However, there was success for Hayden Brady, who won a unanimous decision in his fight with Luke Munds of Skemers Bristol.

Josh Passmore was beaten in round two of his bout with Malmsbury's Ryan Mathews Malmsbury and that was also the fate that befell Patrick Morton in his meeting with Launceston ABCs Callum Charnock.

Jed Davies took the honours in a majority decision after his fight with Jaden King from Swindon Brunel and there were also wins for Sam Watts and Cameron Squires whio both claimed majority decisions in their bouts with Malmsbury's Josh Davies and Swindon Brunel boxer Sam Ballagh respectively.