North Devon angling scene, with Tony Gussin...

From Friday, sea anglers were legally allowed to retain one bass per day, following a controversial six-month ban.

The lifting of the ban came just in time for Bideford’s Lee Watts, who weighed in a fine six pound one ounce fish in the club’s monthly sea rover and hopefully the sign of good things to come.

It was only good enough to secure him fifth place, however, as Dan Redmore topped the placings with two specimen small-eyed ray of 9lb 12oz and 9lb 8 1/4oz to give him first and second.

Graham Snow was third with a near specimen mullet of 3lb 15oz while Lee also took fourth with a smoothound of 9lb 11oz. Dick Talbot was sixth with another bass of 5lb 5 ½oz.

Blakewell Fishery reports the lake water is now approaching 15 degrees – uncomfortable enough to push the trout down to the deeper cooler sections in the afternoon.

The management advises increasing your leader length and dropping a line size to say 5lb – or lower if you are brave enough.

Consider an intermediate line or a weighted/gold head style fly and fish with a slow figure of eight retrieve or just let the flies drift around on the breeze

At Wistlandpound, The Beach, Hide Bay, Gordon’s Bay and the deeper water near the dam have proved to be the best locations and Brownie Point is now accessible to bank anglers, with boat anglers catching well, especially drifting with a team of nymphs.

Dry patterns, especially hawthorns, sedges and black gnats, have caught well, particularly in the mornings and evenings, as have sub-surface patterns fished on a floating line throughout the day.

Jon Ogborne and Peter Coleman-Smith had a very successful day on the boat fished ‘loch-style’, with 29 browns between them.