Atlantic Racquet Centre hosts successful Westward Ho! Tournament

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The annual Westward Ho! Tournament was held last week.

The annual Westward Ho! Tournament took place at the Atlantic Racquet Centre (ARC) at Caddsdown last week.

The event was blessed with good weather and some exciting competitive play.

In the senior categories, Ian Leonard won a triple crown of veterans’ events, playing three finals back-to-back.

On her birthday, Alison Swinton from Ilfracombe had a busy day, making three finals and winning two of them.

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Her husband Andrew also reached two finals.

The sportsmanship award went to Gerald Sussex, who fitted in competing in the tournament with his daughter’s wedding.

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The junior tournament had children from the age of four to 18 playing events.

Elina Pickerd-Barua from Cardiff won the U12 girls’ singles.

The 11-year-old moved up an age range to win the U14 event, and in another jump in age group was runner-up in the U16 singles.

She then partnered Lucy Cornish to win the 14 & under doubles - a thoroughly praiseworthy performance.

The sportsmanship award went to Sonny Hutchings from Ilfracombe, who stepped in at the last minute to help fulfill some fixtures across different age groups.

The award for the most improved Westward Ho! Junior was won by Katie Rowe, who made her first final.

The full results are as follows:


Men’s Singles 10.2, 10.1, 9.2: 1, Kevin Hooper; 2, Andrew Swinton

Men’s Singles 9.1, 8.2: 1, Thomas Store; 2, Andrew Swinton

Men’s Singles 8.1, 7.2, 7.1: 1, Andrew Hearn; 2, Tom Vinall

Men’s Singles 6.2, 5.2, 5.1: 1, Dan Lobato; 2, Christian Petersen

Men’s Open Singles: 1, Emerson Styles; 2, Lewie Parker

Ladies’ Singles 10.2, 9.2, 9.1: 1, Allison Swinton; 2, Danielle Witt

Ladies’ Singles 8.2, 8.1: 1, Abigail Hanafin; 2, Jadeen Lowe

Ladies’ Open Singles: 1, Amber Lowe; 2, Beth Nash.

Men’s 50+ Singles: 1, Ian Leonard; 2, Paul Ley

Ladies’ 50+ Singles: 1, Allison Swinton; 2, Danielle Witt

Men’s Singles Tableau: 1, Lewie Parker; 2, Peter Wilcox.

Ladies’ Singles Tableau: 1, Georgina Loosemore; 2, Amber Lowe.

Men’s Open Doubles: 1, Lewie Parker & Matt Johns; 2, Emerson & Alex Styles

Ladies’ Open Doubles: 1, Cath Andrews & Teresa Poole; 2, Jemma Sloman & Beth Adamson

Mixed Doubles: 1, Peter Wilcox & Sunny Parker; 2, Christian Petersen & Georgina Loosemore

Men’s 50+ Doubles: 1, Paul Ley & Ian Leonard; 2, Gerald Sussex & John Norman

Ladies’ 50+ Doubles: 1, Jinny Stapley & Jenny Doig; 2, Denise Koval & Karen Morris

Mixed 50+ Doubles: 1, Ian Leonard & Nicola MacDonald; 2, Gerald Sussex & Allison Swinton


Boys’ U8 Singles: 1, Euan Greenslade; 2, Thomas Palmer

Girls’ U9 Singles: 1, Evie Norris-Bishop; 2, Maisie Ayres

Mixed U9 Singles: 1, Jacob Amohia; 2, CJ McKenna

Mixed U10 Singles: 1, Julian Hayter; 2, Sam Laidler

Girls’ U10 Singles: 1, Grace Vowels; 2, Isobelle Beer

Boys’ U12 Singles main draw: 1, Rupert George; 2, Finbar McGarvey.

Boys’ U12 Singles consolation: 1, Jacob King-Smith; 2, Aiden Emery

Girls’ U12 Singles main draw: 1, Elina Pickerd-Barua; 2, Lucy Cornish

Boys’ U14 Singles main draw: 1, Jayke Charlesworth; 2, Rio Moss

Boys’ U14 Singles consolation: 1, Jack Prickett; 2, Tyler Cooper

Girls’ U14 Singles main draw: 1, Elina Pickerd-Barua; 2, Katie Rowe

Girls’ U14 Singles consolation: 1, Alice Beresford; 2, Millie Ayres

Boys’ U16 Singles main draw: 1, Kieran Rooney-Heason; 2, Robbie Broomhead

Boys’ U16 Singles consolation: 1, Finn King-Smith; 2, Jayke Charlesworth

Girls’ U16 Singles main draw: 1, Hazel Vernon; 2, Elina Pickerd-Barua

Boys’ U18 Singles main draw: 1, Ryan Andrews; 2, Alex Styles

Boys’ U18 Singles consolation: 1, Finn King-Smith; 2, Mikey Comley.

Boys’ U14 Doubles main draw: 1, Joe Cooper & Jayke Charlesworth; 2, Thomas Whiteley & Jack Prickett

Boys’ U14 Doubles consolation: 1, Christian Miller & Archie Salfairso; 2, Tyler Cooper & Ben Salfairso

Girls’ U14 Doubles: 1, Lucy Cornish & Elina Pickerd-Barua; 2, Martha MacDonald & Niamh Ramsay

Boys’ U18 Doubles: 1, Brad Phillips & Kieran Rooney-Heason; 2, Ryan Andrews & Alex Styles.

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