Your weekly round-up from North Devon’s golf courses.


VETERANS: Forty two veterans took part in a Pinehurt Greensome competition on a course that had recovered remarkably well after the heavy rain. Results — 1, B. Griffiths & I. Caws (24) 44 pts; 2, J. Hockin & G. Stacey (18) 44; 3, J. Holmes & M. Mooney (17) 43; 4, T. Donaghy & F. Donaghy (16) 43.

MEDAL: Saturday, October 20. Div 1 — 1st Mike Powe (8) net 65; 2nd Trevor Bradley (15) net 66; 3rd David Blanche (13) net 67. Div 2 — 1st Julian Baker (25) net 62; 2nd David Lloyd (21) net 65; 3rd Andy Copp (17) net 66.

WINTER LEAGUE FOURSOMES: Sunday, October 21. 1st R Greenslade & P Wheeler (7) 37pts; 2nd C Sturman & D Wilson (11) 35pts; 3rd A Stevens & H Stevens (18) 34pts.

PRESIDENT’S KNOCK OUT TROPHY FINAL: Pete Andronik beat Steve Baker 1 up and retains the trophy for a second year.


LADIES’ SECTION, NAPIER BOWL: 18 hole bogey competition. Winner Stephanie Long (14) with a score of 0 – level. Runners up Sue Neale (16) with -1.

HIGHCROFT TROPHY: 36-hole Bogey Competition. Winner Lorraine Kino (24) with a score of -6. Runner-up – Stephanie Long (14) with a score of -8.

MONTHLY MEDAL: Div 1 – Winner Linda Barrington (17) with 76. Runner-up – Jean Wills (7) with 80. Div 2 - Winner Nora Rowlands (28) with 80. Runner-up Anne Scholes (28) with 87.

LIZ THOMAS CUP: Foursomes Competition. Winners Dot Stairmand and Penny Armitage.

SUMMER ECLECTIC COMPETITION: Div 1 - Steph Long, 62. Div 2 - Pennie Richards, 68.5.


CAPTAIN’S DAY 2012: This saw Pauline Sparkes and John Deacon take the ladies’ and men’s longest drives. Nearest the pin was Russell Hayton. Captain’s day drive went to Gerald Cryer.

Twos: Russell Hayton, Angie Buller, Dave Gore, Ged McLaughlin, Shaun Thorne, George Holland, Peter Bond, Aaron Redmore, Steve Sparkes. All three winning teams had 49 points, winning on count back - 1st Paddy and Shaun Thorne; 2nd Russell Jenkins and Dave Gore; 3rd Alf Chambers and Roy Barnes.

MONTHLY WHITE MEDAL: 1st Jon Donavan (18) 69; 2nd Mark Thompson (18) 73; 3rd Barrie Buller (12) 73. Two shots at the 10th - S Sparkes, D Gore (and 17th), A Nicolettie, D Huxtable. M White, two at 16th.

YELLOW MEDAL: Div 1 - 1st Alex Marks (14) 66; 2nd Dave Gore (9) 70; 3rd Jamie Petrie (15) 73. Div 2 - 1st Matthew Osborne (19) 68; 2nd Peter Marks (28) 69; 3rd Phil Dymond (24) 70. Two shots at the 17th – D Newsome, J Petrie, D Yeoman. D Gore two at 10th.

MEN’S 3 BALL TEAM CUP: 1st Mark Thompson, Jon Donavan, Stuart Guest 79pts; 2nd Ged McLaughlan, Bren McLaughlin, Russell Hayton 78pts; 3rd Matt Osborne, Ian French, Craig Woodhouse 76pts. Two shots at - 2nd M Osborne; 17th C Woodhouse; 10th Paul Fry.

WHITE MEDAL: 1st Steve Sparkes (16) 70; 2nd Matt White (6) 70; 3rd John Howell (25) 73. Two shots at – 10th J Howell; 17th D Gore; 2nd B Buller.

FRIDAY ROLL UP: 1st Richard Ley 19pts; 2nd John Ives 18pts; 3rd Peter Hill 18pts.

LADIES’ PINK CHARITY FUN DAY: 1st Pauline Sparkes. The putting competition was won by Anne Walker.


4 SECTIONS: 1st Men’s; 2nd Juniors; 3rd Ladies; 4th Seniors.

SENIORS 3 BALL STABLEFORD: Two scores count. 1st Peter Symons, Don Storer & Phil Canning 66; 2nd Keith Scott, Geoff Staddon & John Lee 65; 3rd John Todd, Sid Jewell & Dave Bennett 56.

LADIES’ END OF SEASON TEAM EVENT: 1st Amanda Leonard, Val Symons & Meg Whittaker 63; 2nd Brenda O’Brien, Babs Gosden & Linda Stride 61.

PINK & BLUE DAY: Men - 1st Brian Montague 40; 2nd Andy Fenge 39; 3rd Peter Short 38. Seniors - 1st Ben James 35 ocb; 2nd John Howes 35 ocb; 3rd Mick Cox 31 ocb. Ladies - 1st Michelle Fenge 35; 2nd Pauline Down 34 ocb; 3rd Lucy Leatham 34 ocb. The event raised £590.62.


NORTH DEVON FRIENDLY LEAGUE TROPHY: Portmore Ladies Defeated Libbaton 6-1 at Holsworthy to win the North Devon Friendly League Trophy. The Portmore team was Barbara Wears, Julie Quilter, Jane Sugar, Jo Lethaby, Linda Short, Dilys Dalton and Kay Pile.