Appledore recorded their best ever finish after two days of racing in Newquay

Men’s crews from across the South West took part in the final event of the gig rowing season at the weekend.

Crews from Appledore, Torridge, Barnstaple and Ilfracombe were at the Men’s Cornish County Gig Championships at Newquay.

It was a memorable weekend for Appledore, with their A crew in Merthen finishing sixth of the 76 crews – their best ever result.

After fighting through the rounds to get to the final, the crew coxed by Zoe Green of Guy Cooke, Rob Ovenell, Chris Myrom, Jon Johnson, Leigh Marquadt and Tim Tennant finished in 30mins 36secs.

Appledore’s B crew finished 39th overall, getting as far as the quarter finals.

Local rivals Torridge finished 24th overall, a place ahead of Ilfracombe’s A crew, who finished fifth in their second race after battling with Bristol.

With their race rivals getting the mark on the first turn, the Combe crew powered alongside before sprinting away after the second turn.

Ilfracombe’s B crew finished 47th overall, edging through to the second round after a time of 14mins and 15secs. The B crew finished fifth in their second round contest.

Barnstaple’s crew finished slightly ahead of Ilfracombe B, coming in 43rd overall.