North Devon angling scene - with Tony Gussin

Antony Smith with a specimen small-eyed ray.Antony Smith with a specimen small-eyed ray.

It was a day of rays for Nathan Clements and Antony Smith when they fished the Bideford Angling Club 24 hour sea rover at the weekend.

Antony was first with a specimen blonde ray of 13 pounds 14 ounces (115.625 per cent), also taking second with a good small-eyed ray of 9lb 12 (108.333 per cent).

Nathan took third with a specimen thornback ray of 9lb 11oz (107.638 per cent).

Earlier in the month, Bideford's roving competition saw flounder dominate, with Terry Dymond taking first and second with fish of 1lb 12 ½ and 1lb 11 5/8.

Bideford's Nathan Clements with his specimen thornback ray.Bideford's Nathan Clements with his specimen thornback ray.

Graham Snow was third and fourth with fish of 1lb 8 ¼ and 1lb 5/8 while Paul Downing took fifth with a lone thornback of 5lb 10.

The flounder season will be tailing off now - you'll still pick up a few fish through January and February but it's fair to say the bulk of the run will have been and gone, with those fish remaining proving very thin after spawning.