Speed limit call at Torridge Bridge junctions

Joseph Bulmer

NORTHAM Town Councillor Richard Osborne is calling for measures to slow traffic approaching the Heywood Road roundabout at the west end of the Torridge Bridge.

With Devon County Council proposing to introduce traffic lights as a safety measure at the Westleigh Junction on the opposite side of the bridge, Mr Osborne is calling for an extended 40mph limit to cover both the junctions.

He had witnessed the sight and sound of a vehicle coming to an abrupt halt after approaching the Heywood Road roundabout far too fast from the Abbotsham direction, said Mr Osborne. “Traffic should be slowed down after the Buckleigh Road junction eastward. The bend in the road is too slight to slow traffic naturally, but then the roundabout comes too soon for speeding traffic. In Continental Europe fast moving traffic approaching a hazard such as a roundabout is slowed down by ever decreasing speed limits. I am convinced these reduce the possibilities of accidents.”

Mr Osborne also questions the plans to install traffic lights at the Westleigh Junction.

Bideford and Northam Town Councils had both expressed a preference for a roundabout, but this more expensive option was turned down by the county.

Mr Osborne said: “If the county spends money on traffic lights now, they are only going to have to spend even more later when, as sure as autumn follows summer, a spur road from the A39 to East-the-Water is constructed. I consider the current plan, although it improves the situation as it is now, is short sighted. While we observe the grandiose plans for road improvements to the south of the county, especially around Exeter, whenever money is required in this part of the county, funds are just not available.