Solar array plan for West Down

Joseph Bulmer

Farm’s photovoltaic panel proposal submitted to council planners

PLANS for a solar array on the outskirts of West Down are being considered by council planners.

The proposal for 206 ground mounted solar photovoltaic panels at West Hill Farm has been submitted to North Devon Council.

A design and access statement by Mullacott-based firm Rainbow Renewables said the panel frames would work aesthetically with the surrounding landscape and where possible, be finished with antireflective coating.

The 340sq metre south-facing array would stand 1m from the ground and allow the land beneath and around to be used for grazing.

Solar photovoltaic panels absorb sunlight and produce DC electricity which is converted into AC electricity and distributed to electrical appliances.

Applicant Christopher Batstone said he hoped to develop the farm’s sustainable energy credentials and reduce its carbon footprint and demand from the electricity utilities.