So traditional

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I moved to South Molton in June. I love the fact that the town is traditional.

I can get everything that I need with the exception of decent school shoes for my two children.

Tesco don’t stock Clarks shoes so they would be of no value to me.

I started trading in the Pannier Market selling wicker baskets in October and I love it.

I moved from a small town in Somerset and Tesco moved in about 10 years ago. They killed the town. The smaller local traders just could not compete, even though, ironically the smaller shops were and still are cheaper.

Tescos offer all thes BOGOF offers. But if you do your homework then the local shops are still cheaper!! We are brainwashed into believing that supermarkets are cheaper.

There are two Tescos in Barnstaple. We do not need a Sainsbury’s and a Tesco here.

A Waitrose would be lovely and would actually bring people to the town. I know people who will drive 20miles just to visit a Waitrose.

I say sell the land to someone else. Tidy up the car park. Support your local business. Don’t allow the corporate giants to take over. Keep Britain tidy. Keep South Molton traditional.

Basket Lady - via the website