Joseph Bulmer

SIR - Hurrah! Scientists who are paid to find things, say wearing a nicotine patch will help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. Good reason to give up smoking.

Wait a minute, though. What is the prime constituent of a nicotine patch? Nicotine. What is the prime constituent of tobacco? Nicotine! Doesn’t that mean smoking helps to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill both smoked profusely. Both died in their 90s from smoking.

In the Great War, we were given cigarettes to sharpen our reactions,, but who wants sharp reactions when we’re holding the remote control?

In the Great Depression, we were encouraged to smoke to cheer us up from our Great Depression and during the last Labour government we were forced to smoke to soothe the shock to the system of seeing the smile of the Great Gordon.

T P Goodman,