Skydiving sexagenarians

Joseph Bulmer

Pupils at Pathfields School in Barnstaple, are to benefit from the high spirits of two Bideford men, both in their 60s, who plan to make their first ever parachute jump.

Doug Boothroyd who will be celebrating his 69th birthday later this month, and Clarry Dunn, 60, will undertake a sponsored tandem skydive at Dunkeswell on October 7, to raise funds for the special school.

The project for the school is part of Loyal Lodge 251 ‘Freemasonry in the community’ projects. The two have already helped the Lodge to provide and lay concrete paths and ramps for wheelchairs at the school’s allotment garden,

Doug, a former church organ builder, and Clarry, who runs Electrotec, said: “For both of us it has been one of those “must do” things in life we all think about but seldom get around to doing.” And both agreed: “The thought of stepping into thin air at 15,000ft will be the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.”

They hope to raise more money later by selling the DVDs of the event. If anybody would like to help with sponsorship they can contact Doug by email at