Should motorbikes and 4x4s be banned from country lanes?

North Devon Gazette

As part of its response to the Glover landscapes review, Defra is asking whether recreational motor vehicles (4x4s and motor bikes) should continue to be allowed to drive on the country’s green lanes.Â

Green lanes are unsealed countryside tracks which came into being for use by horses and carts and the movement of farm animals.Â

Defra is asking in particular whether motor vehicle use of green lanes should be stopped in the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).Â

The Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement (GLEAM) has been pressing for many years for new legislation that will bring an end to the environmental damage and nuisance being caused in the countryside by 4x4w and motor bikes.Â

GLEAM Chairman, Dr Mike Bartholomew says: “This consultation is very good news indeed. The government has recognised that serious harm is being done. Powerful motor vehicles are being allowed to drive deep into otherwise tranquil countryside on tracks which came into being to sustain nothing heavier or more powerful than horse-drawn carts.Â

“This is degrading precious landscapes, even in the National Parks and AONBs, and is causing danger and nuisance for residents, farmers and the non-motorised users of these tracks. The consultation is an opportunity for everyone to have their say about what should be done to curb this damaging activity.”Â

Anyone can part in the consultation. They can email their views about 4x4s and motor bikes on countryside tracks to or they can use the online questionnaire at Government response to the Landscapes Review - Page 1 of 12 - Defra - Citizen SpaceÂ

The online questionnaire covers various other countryside issues but participants don’t have to answer all these questions. They can just click through to questions 14 to 17 about unsealed routes.Â

The consultation closes on 9 April.Â