Shots competed for three trophies

Joseph Bulmer

BIDEFORD Rifle Club members have been involved in three club trophy competitions.

The Thomson Trophy prone event between the club shots with the top 10 averages for the season was a close affair. It went to five rounds before John Hutchings emerged as winner on a re-gauge over Martin Morgan.

The Benchrest Competition shot over three rounds was won by Keith Kersey, who dropped only four points out of a 300 total to take the New Road Garages Shield, with Julie Whitmore runner-up.

The Darch Trophy, a new competition for a trophy given by the Torrington Rifle Club before its disbandment, had a close and fitting ending.

It was won by Andy Darch, whose family name the trophy bears, after a titantic battle with Pete Thomson.

The trophy was competed for during the winter season, with contestants shooting one card each month. After six months this left Darch and Thomson tied.

A ‘shoulder to shoulder’ shoot-out left them still level, until graduated gauges gave Darch the edge.