Selaine Saxby's Henry to compete for Westminster Dog of the Year

North Devon Gazette

On Thursday, October 28, Selaine Saxby and her fox red Labrador, Henry, will compete with other MPs and their dogs to win the coveted title of Westminster Dog of the Year 2021.Â

Following a two-year break, dogs of all shapes and sizes, regardless of breed, creed or ‘pawlitical’ persuasion, will head to Victoria Tower Gardens, London, with their MP owners to see who will be crowned Parliament’s top dog.Â

Organised jointly by Dogs’ Trust and the Kennel Club, the competition offers the unique chance for Selaine to show off her loyal canine companion, Henry.Â

With the boom in dog ownership during the pandemic, this year’s event focuses on promoting responsible dog ownership, making sure that, alongside the joys of having a dog, owners recognise their responsibility to ensure their pet is a positive member of the community and lives a happy and healthy life.Â

Additionally, the competition encourages an open dialogue on dog welfare issues, as well as providing an opportunity for MPs to meet with experts to discuss all aspects of the canine world.Â

Selaine has been a passionate supporter in Parliament on increasing penalties for pet theft, and has spoken in the House on several occasions on this issue. In June, she met with the former Lord Chancellor, the Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP, to discuss progress on the issue and the work of the Pet Theft Taskforce, and was delighted to welcome the report’s recommendations of a new ‘pet abduction offence’ to allow courts to hand out tougher sentences to criminals who commit this abhorrent crime.Â

Details of all the MPs and dogs entered for Westminster Dog of the Year and to vote for Selaine and Henry visit

Selaine Saxby MP for North Devon said: “Henry is my biggest supporter. He deserves the centre stage as he has adapted to ‘pawlitical’ life extremely well, spending half his week in Westminster and half in the constituency – he has garnered quite a fan base whilst out canvassing in North Devon! He makes me smile every day, especially when he runs around the house with his food bowl when he’s finished eating, although less so when singing during Zoom calls.Â

“Westminster Dog of the Year is not only a fun event to be involved in, but provides a great opportunity to highlight the importance of responsible dog ownership and the work MPs are doing to improve dog welfare. For example, I am delighted that pet abduction will be made a specific crime, and will continue speaking out on this issue in Westminster until these beloved members of the family stop being stolen by callous criminals.”Â