Season finale at Bideford Target Shooting Club

North Devon Gazette

Standards were high in all disciplines when Bideford Target Shooting Club held its end-of-season club shoot at Melbury Ranges.Â

The first event was for the .22 rifle shooters, both prone and bench rest; the straight shoot entrants fired forty shots at a distance of 50m, and the handicap shooters did half that amount, followed by the air rifle bench rest shooters, who fire at 20 yards.Â

The .22 rifle shooters returned to fire their next set of 40 or 20 shots, this time at 100 yards, while the 10m air pistol shooters were also competing, again with a total of forty shots.Â

Paul Batten set a high standard in the .22 rifle prone, dropping only six points out of 400 on his 50 metre cards, four less than Yvonne Hoile on 390.  In the handicap section of this discipline, Amy Rudman and Alex Raymont were neck-and-neck after their 20 shots at 50 metres, although Amy’s starting average was lower and so she edged ahead.  John Blaney’s 50 metre score of 392 ex 400 in the bench rest section set a high standard in this discipline.Â

 In the straight shoot part of the air rifle bench rest competition, Charlie Morris set up a stunning score of 395 – starting with the only “ton” of the day on his first card, and got his name on the Hedgehog Trophy for the first time.   Â

In the handicap event, Kate Bastable shot way above her average to take the Hummingbird Trophy from Hayden Angelinetta, who just beat Adam Barnett into third place. Â

In the air pistol event, for the Dolphins Trophy, Jake Underwood improved with every card shot and finished with a better than 10% improvement, beating Oliver Street into second place.Â

The final detail of the day was for the .22 rifle events at 100 yards, and Paul Batten consolidated the lead he held from 50 metres to confirm the victory for the Kiernander Tankard by ten points from Pete Thomson.   Â

Amy Rudman continued to shoot steadily over her 20 shots with two personal best cards and a final improvement of nearly 33% on her starting average, and took away the Handimatt Trophy.Â