School Crew dance to national success

Joseph Bulmer

FOLLOWING success in the regional competition, Great Torrington Community School Streetz Dance Crew, came fourth in the National Schools Finals at Stoke-on-Trent.

Performing in front of dance celebs such as Akai - winner of Sky 1’s You Know You Can Dance and Flawless - Streetz Dance Crew stepped up their game to impress the judges and 500 participants from 33 schools.

They did so in the Under 18 age group, two years above Torrington’s oldest Crew member.

School Sports Development Officer, Adrian Avery, said : “This is a huge achievement for the school and we are very proud of the Crew’s achievement. We are trying very hard to keep providing quality coaching across all activities, but it also takes a lot of commitment and determination to get the best results and the Crew have shown plenty of both.”