River Torridge ‘From Source to Sea’

Joseph Bulmer

THE River Torridge ‘From Source to Sea’ provides the theme for an exhibition with a difference at the Burton Gallery in Bideford.

Open now and running until February 4 is an exhibition by well-known local artist, the late Sheila Hutchinson – bringing with it an opportunity for aspiring photographers and others to display their own related images.

Part of the Burton’s permanent collection, the exhibition of works by Shelia Hutchinson captures in paint the journey of the River Torridge from source to sea, depicted through well know local bridge landmarks and landscapes.

Started in 1945, Miss Hutchinson produced studies of all the Torridge bridges, but soon progressed to capturing the rivers, valleys and surrounding landscapes.

The River Torridge actually rises in Cornwall, on the same ridge as the Tamar. Although the source is only four miles from the sea and the mouth is 14 miles from the source, the river meanders for more than 50 miles and passes through 36 parishes.

The works in this exhibition were originally displayed as part of the Festival of Britain exhibition in Bideford Art School in 1951.

As a twist, the Burton invites visitors to add to the exhibition with their own images of the bridges and landscapes. Bring them to the Burton while the exhibition is open and they will be added to the display.

Bideford-based fine art photographer Dave Green will also, on January 29, be leading a workshop for over-16s who want to produce better images from their digital cameras.

This will include putting theory into practice and sourcing landscapes, with the opportunity of displaying some of their work as part of the exhibition.

More details from the Burton Art Gallery.