Review of beach uses

Joseph Bulmer

TO ensure that Westward Ho! sands can be enjoyed safely all year round, by all types of users, Torridge District Council is asking the public for their views on reviewing how the beach is used.

People have until February 25th to respond to the survey, which is concerned with wind powered traction activities such as kite buggying and kite surfing.

These are activities which are restricted to a designated ‘sports zone’ in the summer months, but in the winter there are currently no restrictions where they can go. Any changes to the current restrictions would involve amending the byelaws.

The council wants to hear the views of users and potential users of the beach.

Three options are being put forward:

* To keep the restrictions as they are, with kite buggy and kite surfing activities restricted to the sports zone between May 1 and September 30, allowing them to use any part of the beach outside of these times.

* To restrict the kite buggy and kite surfers to the sports zone only all year round, introducing a byelaw to this effect.

* To introduce a byelaw that excludes kite buggies and kite surfers from using the beach at all. Licensed events would still be possible through liaison with the authority.

Councillor Roger Tisdale, Torridge District Councillor for Westward Ho! said: “Westward Ho! is Torridge’s ‘jewel in the crown’ and we need to make sure the wonderful beach is there for everyone to use safely. We want to hear your views so please complete the survey online or get in touch with the council as soon as you can.”

Responses can be sent to , 01237 428737, or online at They must be received no later than midday on February 25.