Resolution to recycle

Joseph Bulmer

Recycling waste food and reducing landfills is the new year’s resolution of northam pupils

Pupils at a school in Northam have made a new year’s resolution to save landfills and recycle their food waste in 2012.

The year 2 school council representatives for St George’s Church of England infant and nursery school met ‘Mrs Recycle’, Cathy Karniewicz, and Torridge District Council’s waste and recycling warden Andy Toon last week.

Mrs Recycle delivered two new green wheelie bins and four food caddies to the school so that the children can recycle their snacks and fruit-break waste for compost.

Head teacher Tricia Palk said: “St George’s has already embraced the reuse, reduce, recycle ethic throughout the school and is one of the first schools to recycle kitchen waste. We are delighted to further reduce the amount that is being put into landfill.”

Chris Leather, Torridge’s lead member for recycling, refuse collection and street cleaning councillor, added: “Mrs Recycle has visited many school children throughout the Torridge district teaching them exactly this, and now that St George’s is increasing its already impressive recycling habits, I hope even more children and their parents will take this on board and work harder at home as well – help us to recycle more!”