Residents want outdoor Roundswell gym

Joseph Bulmer

AN outdoor gym area for all ages appears to be at the top of the recreational list for residents of Roundswell in Barnstaple.

Local county and district councillor Rodney Cann has just completed a survey asking local people what they would like to see a �32,000 planning windfall spent on.

The “section 106” money was part of the planning conditions for the Travelodge development and must be spent on open space or recreational provision in or near Roundswell.

Of the 150 who responded to the questions in Mr Cann’s survey, 94 went for the option of a multi use outdoor gym with equipment suitable for children and adults.

Another 30 said they would like to see a multi use play area for children under eight-years-old, while eight people said they’d like to see both.

“I thought it was important that we did consult people on this and I was also concerned it could be a question of using the money or losing it,” he said.

“People have been feeling disenfranchised lately and this was one of a series of things I have planned to try and engage them more.

“Now I will take these results to the executive of North Devon Council and seek their support for it,” he added.

Residents were almost equally divided over two suggested sites for recreational facilities, both North Devon Council land. Swallowfield was the choice for 48 residents, while another 44 thought Cedar Grove would be better.

Mr Cann said he was also looking into setting up an allotment in the Roundswell area after several enquiries from residents.