Rejects hang on at the top

Joseph Bulmer

DESPITE a narrow defeat this week, the turbo-charged 11-1 win in their opening game of the Bideford Crib League season keeps Village Rejects at the top of the table.

But they are now joined by Polly Beaters, the only team to maintain a 100 per cent record with the season just two weeks old.

Results: Anchor Masons 7, Amigos B 5; High Street Socialites 5, Polly Beaters 7; Ivor’s Lads 5, Amigos A 7; jesters 7, Village Rejects 5; Joiners 5, Sociable Lambs 7; Three For a Run 6, Red Sails 6.

Leading positions: Village Rejects 16, Polly Beaters 16; Amigos B 13, Three For a Run 13, Jesters 13.