Recycle your tree

Joseph Bulmer

PEOPLE in Torridge can once again put their Christmas trees out with their green wheelie bin for recycling by the district council.

The fortnightly collection service will include Christmas trees once again. Residents who do not have a green wheelie bin collection, but still wish to recycle their trees, can take them to any of the following locations: Caddsdown Recycling Centre, Bideford; Deep Moor Tip, High Bullen, Torrington; and Anvil Corner, Holsworthy.

Those who are unable to take them to the recycling facilities and do not have a green wheelie bin collection, the trees can be placed out with their normal domestic refuse, although these will not be recycled.

Residents are also welcome to take their old Christmas cards to any of the council offices in Bridge Buildings, Riverbank House, Torrington or Holsworthy for recycling. Christmas cards should not be placed in residents’ own wheelie bins as many of them will not compost down.