Power of the Gazette!

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - If anyone should know the power of the press it should be me after a working lifetime in the profession.

However I certainly under-estimated the power when I did a small press release for the Barnstaple Rotary Clubs appealing for winter clothes for their charity shop in Boutport Street Barnstaple.

After collecting my copy of the Gazette I then went into town for a coffee. At the entrance to Presto I was stopped by a man who asked if I was in the Rotary club.

When I said yes he said he has spotted the appeal in the paper, took off his sheepskin coat claiming he needed a new one, gave it to me for the shop and walked away! I was so taken back I didn’t even ask his name, so through your paper can I please thank him, and all the other people who are donating items to the Barnstaple shop, for the incredible generosity?

Tony Freeman

Barnstaple Link Rotary Club.