Postal voters required to refresh signature

Joseph Bulmer

Torridge District Council have sent out signature refresh letters to postal voters

ELECTORS whose application to vote by post is approximately five years have been sent a signature refresh letter by Torridge District Council.

As part of postal voting security measures, postal voters are required to provide a fresh specimen signature every five years.

Electors should receive the forms from today, and should be signed and returned to the council as soon as possible.

When voting by post, electors are required to provide their signature and date of birth which are checked against those on the original application form.

This security measure prevents someone else from using their vote, and votes will only be counted if these personal identifiers match.

If the signature refresh letter is not returned to the council on time then the existing absent vote facility will be cancelled.

Councillor Jane Whittaker, Lead Member for Communities, said: “I have always thought that having a vote is something quite special, it gives each of us an opportunity to try to ensure that the people we elect are the best people for the job and the people who will do their best for us. So I would urge everyone who is asked to send in their signature again to please do so”

If you have any questions about the Absent Vote Signature Refresh Form please get in touch with Torridge District Council’s Elections office on 01237 428702.