Police crackdown on Barnstaple ‘boy racers’

Joseph Bulmer

Rise in complaints over late night car park users

POLICE are getting tough on dangerous drivers in Barnstaple.

Officers are planning a series of overt and covert operations following a rise in complaints about anti-social driving in town centre car parks, particularly at night.

Sergeant Paul Jones of the Barnstaple Neighbourhood Beat Team, said: “Due to the large number of vehicles being driven in and around the town both day and night, we closely monitor the standards of driving to ensure Barnstaple remains an extremely safe place to visit.

“Recently, certain drivers have been witnessed by officers and reported by concerned residents as driving in a manner which falls below that which should be expected in a busy town centre.

“My team will now be targeting that minority of drivers who operate their vehicles at both excessive speeds and in an anti-social manner.

“Section 59 of the Police reform act 2002 has been used effectively in recent years to seize vehicles off the road and this will be used in conjunction with other enforcement measures to robustly deal with those who put others lives at risk by selfish and inconsiderate driving.”

The Neighbourhood Beat Team will be working in conjunction with the North Devon Traffic Policing Department on these operations. Local officers are also working with Barnstaple Town Council and the highways department to design further solutions to reduce noise caused by anti-social driving within the town car parks.

Any resident with concerns regarding their areas are asked to contact their respective beat officers at Barnstaple Police station on 08452 777 444.