Please help find lost Ilfracombe camera

Joseph Bulmer

Teenager and her mum hoping a good Samaritan will help reunite her with prized camera.

AN Ilfracombe mum is hoping someone can help reunite her daughter with her lost camera.

The pair were walking home from school on Thursday when the Year 10 student stopped to take a photo in St Brannocks Park Road before putting the Canon Powershot camera back in her bag.

When they got home she was devastated to find it missing and went straight back to look for it, but it was nowhere to be found

It had a highly visible orange case and would have been in either St Brannocks Park Road when she took the photo, or possibly St Brannocks Road or Station Road.

The camera was a Christmas present and was much used both for enjoyment and the teenager’s GCSE art coursework.

Her mum is appealing for anyone who might have found the camera to return it by contacting Ilfracombe police station by dialling 101.