Plans for North Devon darts league

Joseph Bulmer

THERE are plans to set up a North Devon Darts League for players from all over the area to compete against each other.

It is planned to have an elite league for former and present county and super league players and a premier league for other players.

Anyone interested in joining the league or in helping with sponsorship should contact Robert Browne at or join the North Devon Dart League Facebook group.

If there is enough interest, a meeting will be called, with the aim of starting the league in September.

* * *

GREMLINS continued their fine form with another 9-0 win in the Devonshire Pine Darts League this week, with Lee Watts again completing the fastest 501 leg in 15 darts.

Filo Pirates team-mates Peter Berry, Kevin Hookway and Robert Slade all had 18-darters.

Top scores were 180s by Simon Butler (Gremlins), Vince Hillberg (Wild Rovers), Kevin Hookway (FILO Pirates) and Aidan Woodward (Wild Rovers), while Peter Berry (FILO Pirates) had the top finish of 135.

Div 1: FILO Fossils 0, Gremlins 9; Read Em & Weep 6, FILO Young Boys 3; Silence of the Lambs 2, FILO Pirates 7.

Div 2: Dave 1, Wild Rovers 8; FILO Jokers 5, Anchor Arrows 4; Two Bulls In The Sack 3, It’s The Taking Part 6; Zulus 5, FILO 501s 4.

* * *

Bideford Summer Darts League players were involved in the knockout singles competition this week.

Finalists from the two Division 1 venues are M Colwill and J Syvret, with D Burslem and I Knight the two runners-up.

The Divisions 2 and 3 finalists are D Williams and S Martin, with P Griffin and Tony Williams the runners-up.

* * *

L Parr of Troubleshooters was in top form in Bideford Ladies Darts league with four winning doubles, including an 88 out, plus a 140 score.

P Tanton of Wangemin Six had four scores of 100 or more and three doubles.

Div 1: Birds of a Heather 2 Black Jacks1 (0-2); Water Babies 1 Trouble Shooters 2 (1-1); Cheetahs 2 Breakaways 1 (0-2); Ally Cats 1 Wangemin Six 2 (0-2)

Div 2: Banana Splits 3 Anchorettes 0 (1-1); Rileys Cupids 1 Liberal 69ers 2 (0-2); Dambusters 0 Joiners Jems 3 (1-1); Banana Splits 1 Crazy Gang 2 (0-2).