Parents bid to save St Michael’s

Joseph Bulmer

Rescue proposal to be revealed at meeting tomorrow

PARENTS have launched a last-ditch bid to try and save St Michael’s School, which has gone into administration.

Just hours after news of the closure emerged, a rallying email has been sent out to parents ahead of a crunch meeting with parents, staff, administrators and lawyers tomorrow (Thursday).

It is hoped to pull together a rescue plan to secure the school for the next two terms and create sufficient stability for the longer term.

The email sent to parents by Gordon Gurr said: “This plan is in preparation and communication with the teaching staff has already commenced.

“They are equally devastated, but initial indications are they are determined to support the plan and to fight for the school they love.

“We have yet to talk to the administrators but will be in contact with them to agree the basis on which we can retain the use of the school facilities.

“All parents at the school have already demonstrated their commitment to the school as its difficulties have been all too obvious for a considerable time. I know from having spoken to many parents there is a tremendous level of support for St Michaels and a recognition that the community would be significantly weakened should we simply allow the school to fail.

“The St Michaels ethos is special and something to be protected and nurtured not simply discarded to history.

“The intention is to present at the meeting on Thursday the outline of the rescue plan we are attempting.”

The email asks parents to keep their options open and listen to the proposals before making any decision about the future of the children’s education.

Anyone interested in helping the campaign can email