Outdoor gym prospect for Barnstaple park

Joseph Bulmer

Council investigates viability of family-friendly equipment, including concrete table tennis tables.

BARNSTAPLE Town Council is investigating the possibility of installing outdoor gym equipment alongside the children’s play area in Rock Park.

The council has already met with a firm to look at a number of potential pieces of family-friendly play apparatus, including concrete table tennis tables.

It has also looked at the types of outdoor gym equipment used in other parishes, including Fremington and Ilfracombe, together with funding and grant options.

Town council trust and grants officer, Natasha Lewis, told the Rock Park Trust Committee: “The council will be able to apply for funding but will need to carry out further public consultation to demonstrate a proven need for the equipment.”

At the same meeting the committee also approved funding to repair the matting area under the existing zip wire and slide, which is currently out-of-action.

Members also asked the clerk to investigate the cost of fencing around the zip slide.

Councillor Adam Bradford raised concerns about the risk of younger children wandering into the path of people using the slide.

He said: “It’s a popular piece of equipment but as a parent who uses the park with young children, I’m quite relieved to see it not working.

“Could we look at some barriers or low fencing to prevent children from wandering into the run-in?”