OPINION: Come on a journey with North Devon Hospice

North Devon Gazette

It is a privilege to contribute a regular column to the North Devon Gazette, giving an inside look on life at North Devon Hospice.Â

The work of the hospice touches so many local lives, and we can only do this thanks to the support of our whole community, so it is an honour to have this opportunity to speak directly to North Devon, to let you know how your generosity changes lives.Â

One of the great strengths of the hospice is the plethora of talent we have across so many different disciplines; from our doctors, nurses and counsellors to the diligent behind-the-scenes teams who make the frontline care possible.Â

Therefore, I’m pleased to say that this column will be coming from the perspective of different hospice team members each week.Â

Each will have their own area of expertise, and their own way of contributing to the care of local patients and families, as they face life-limiting illnesses like cancer.Â

It will be a pleasure to bring those unique perspectives to you, to give a greater understanding of how local people are supported in their hour of need.Â

For nearly 40 years, North Devon Hospice has been part of the fabric of North Devon life. We have cared for thousands upon thousands of people in that time, all thanks to phenomenal support from the local community.Â

Yet, you would be amazed at how many people simply don’t know what we do, or how we do it. Perhaps this is understandable.Â

We care for people who are facing a life-limiting illness, all the way through to the end of their life, and in this country we’re not great at talking about death.Â

This is strange, given it’s the one thing that will come to literally every single one of us.Â

Our aim, through this regular column, is to show you that hospice care is nothing to be fearful of. It is about making the most of every single day, living life to the full with laughter and love.Â

We look forward to bringing you with us on that journey.