On the Bideford oches

Joseph Bulmer

Chris Falcon of Filo Fossils led the way in the Bideford Devonshire Pine Darts League this week with a 17-dart leg.

Top scorers were: Simon Butler (Gremlins), David Eldridge (Big Mistakes), Paul Oakley (Zulus), Ross Prior (It’s The Taking Part), Jordan Reynolds (Dave) and Tony Bullock (FILO 501s) with 180s, while Lee Snook (Anchor Arrows) hit 174.

The week’s top finish was 130 by James Crump (FILO 501s).

Div 1: FILO Fossils 3, FILO Pirates 6; FILO Young Boys 3, Gremlins 6; Silence of the Lambs 6, Big Mistakes 3.

Div 2: Dave 6, Anchor Arrows 3; FILO Jokers 2, Zulus 7; It’s The Taking Part 1, Wild Rovers 8; Two Bulls 3, FILO 501s 6.

The winter league AGM will be held at the Liberal Club on Monday, July 25, at 8pm.

* * *

The Bideford Summer Darts League Kenny Keen drawn pairs competition was won by Martyn Johns and Glen Harmer.

Runners up were Ray Toms and Bob Smith.

Top shots were by Martyn Johns (2x180), r toms 130 out and Matt Williams 118 out.

* * *

Debbie Cook of Cheetahs and Trish Tanton of Wangemin Six both hit 180s in Bideford Ladies Summer Darts League.

There were three doubles each for A.Found (Water Babies), S.Hockin (Wangemin Six), J.Walters (Ally Cats) and D.Williams (Breakaways).

Division 1: Cheetahs 1 Wangemin Six 2 (0-2); Birds of a Heather 2 Trouble Shooters 1 (0-2); Water Babies 1 Ally Cats 2 (2-0); Breakaways 2 Black Jacks 1 (1-1).

Division 2: Banana Splits 2 Lions 1 (1-1); Anchorettes 0 Optimists 3 (1-1); Liberal 69ers 2 Joiners Jems 1 (1-1); Riley’s Cupids 2 Crazy Gang 1 (1-1).