North Devon MP Selaine Saxby - Credit: Submitted

North Devon MP Selaine Saxby resigns from government over issues of ‘trust, truth and integrity’

Joseph Bulmer

North Devon MP Selaine Saxby has resigned her government position today over issues of ‘trust, truth and integrity’ in government.

Ms Saxby’s resignation comes a day after two high profile cabinet resignations from Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak over the Prime Minister’s handling of the appointment of Chris Pincher.

The MP, who holds a near-15,000 majority, sent the Prime Minister her resignation earlier today: “It has been a privilege to serve as a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) at both DEFRA and more recently the Treasury.

“I have not spoken out sooner as I had not wanted to be a distraction in the recent Tiverton and Honiton by-election and divert attention from our excellent candidate and hard working volunteers.

“Trust, truth and integrity are vital in our work as politicians and public servants, and I had hoped that the reset earlier in the year might have given us the chance for a different direction, however, the events of this week have shown that not to be the case.

“Inaction is indeed action, and my silence is not compatible with my views or position, and it is with great regret that I have decided to resign as PPS. I remain loyal, as always to the Conservative Party and my constituents, and whilst I have endeavoured to retain loyalty to your government, this is no longer compatible with the values I hold dear.”

Ms Saxby’s resignation comes less than a week after a poll by YouGov predicted that, under current voting trends, the Conservative Party could lose the North Devon seat to the Liberal Democrats at the next General Election.

North Devon Liberal Democrat spokesperson, Jack Richards, said: “This reeks of jumping from a sinking ship. It’s too little too late, and she should know she’s been seen.

“Frankly, I don’t think anyone knew she worked for the government, and that fact is a testament to how ineffective she is as a politician and constituency MP.

“Perhaps she can now focus her time on actually achieving something for a North Devon.”