North Devon Biosphere honoured by royalty

North Devon Gazette

Northern Devon has just been honoured and recognised during a recent Royal Visit from Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila from the Democratic Republic of Congo.Â

Her Majesty was visiting the UK as part of a global initiative, which she is heading to raise awareness regarding marine pollution.Â

In Africa, most of major rivers are increasingly becoming contaminated, particularly with plastics. These huge outflows have been traced to oceans throughout the globe including the Arctic and the Sargasso Sea. They are also affecting the marine eco balance, both in respect of species and habitats.

So why did her Majesty come to the South West and what is the relevance of this to Northern Devon? The answer is that the North Devon Biosphere is engaged locally, regionally, nationally and increasingly internationally in tackling a wide range of climate change challenges. These include the inspirational project “Plastic Free North Devon”.Â

This is an environmental charity, started by volunteers who want to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment in Devon and beyond. Their mission is to drive this work through community action.Â

The team is led by the highly talented Programme Leader - Claire Moodie. Â The value of this work has already been recognised regionally and nationally. Â Now it has been recognised internationally. Â Â

Queen Diambi was alerted to this and expressed a desire to create an international consortium to include Northern Devon to raise global awareness. Â

The visit was also a chance to showcase the ground breaking work being undertaken by many of the South West’s academic and research institutes.  Exeter University hosted the project.  There are high expectations as to the benefits that this will bring to the whole of the Northern Devon region.Â