No other options to cuts

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I read with great interest the letter from Cllr Chesters in your paper of January 12.

However, there are certain important factors not mentioned. I worked out of Braunton Police Station for 10 years and the only time it was open to the public was when an officer was in the station doing paperwork.

It was considered at that time it was more important to have officers on the front line actually out on patrol.

I realise that at that time it was foot patrol or cycle patrol. This was the old police station on Exeter Road and the front door was often shut. The public had access to the phone outside - sounds familiar.

The present economies, brought about by the coalition government, mean there are drastic cuts in the policing budget and the police authority have no other options.

It may be very convenient to have someone sat in the office in case of the odd visit, but is it essential?

I am told that it costs �100 for every visitor to the police stations it is proposed to close. Is this realistic?

The alternative to closing the front offices would be to lose 37 police officers. These are the real front line and we have lost enough already. The thin blue line is stretching and the population is growing.

I write this letter not in a critical way, but just to put forward some, what I feel to be, relevant facts.

Stan Dibble, Velator.