No more politics in North Devon

Joseph Bulmer

Independent group will contest North Devon Council seats in the May election

“PEOPLE not politics” is the rally cry of an independent group of councillors who have banded together to fight for seats in North Devon’s district and parish elections this May.

The New Wave Independent Group say they are “disenchanted with political infighting” and hope more candidates will flock to their banner before polling day on Thursday, May 5.

It was launched at Fremington Quay on Friday by independent county and district councillor Rodney Cann, Fremington Parish Councillor Joanne Bell, former parish councillor Brian Hockin, Lovacott and Horwood Parish Councillor Michaela Willis and Frank Biederman of Fremington Community Group.

“We’re a group of councillors from all political persuasions that want to provide an alternative to the political parties because we are disenchanted with what is going on,” said Mr Cann.

“It has worked against the interests of local people - there has been so much political in-fighting in North Devon and especially in the Fremington Rural area in the past four years.

“We want to be free of any shackles of party demands or interests and to vote according to our own consciences and on behalf of the people we represent.

“Putting ourselves forward as a loose independent group we believe will give us more credibility, prove we’re a credible force and a reason for voting independent in the district election.”

Brian Hockin, one of six who resigned from Fremington Parish Council last year, will be standing for the North Devon Council Bickington and Roundswell ward.

Mrs Bell, elected to Fremington Parish Council in December, will stand for the Fremington ward, as will Mr Biederman.

Michaela Willis is standing for the Instow ward and is currently vice chairman of Lovacott and Horwood Parish Council.