Members of Young Devon discussed Bideford’s future with members of Torridge District Council.

YOUNG people have had a chance to grill Torridge District Councillors about concerns and ideas they have for Bideford.

As part of their Social Action Project, members of Young Devon met with a team of councillors and officers before heading out into Bideford to ask the public’s opinion of the town.

Discussions centred around the skate park, Jubilee Square, Victoria Park, cleaning or re-painting the wall opposite Morrison’s and painting the railings in the High Street.

Councillor Roger Johnson said: “I was very impressed with the ideas the young people had, and the passionate way in which they put them across.

“As a council we do take on board the thoughts of young people so this was a very valuable meeting from my point of view.”

Cllr Michael Footitt said: “There’s a £30k pot available for young people to help with all sorts of things like training, community or sports events, purchasing of new equipment for a youth club or other youth related activities.

“I hope that members of Young Devon Bideford take this opportunity to apply.”

Sam Lythgoe-Jones, NCS Lead Worker for Young Devon, added: “This week is all about young people getting involved in their community.

“The consultation event with councillors really helped young people to understand local issues and this was great opportunity for them.”