Owners of dogs which aren’t good with people or other dogs urged to wear something yellow in new campaign.

A young Barnstaple woman is calling on dog owners in North Devon to embrace a dog safety campaign.

Jordan Cooper, 24, runs dog-sitters and walkers ‘Tails to Trails’, and is trying to raise awareness of the ‘Yellow Dog UK’ initiative.

The idea is a simple one: to clearly highlight dogs that aren’t good with people or other dogs to the public.

Yellow Dog does this by offering bright yellow bandanas, coats and leads for dogs, with ‘I need space’ emblazoned upon them.

For the owner, bright yellow tabards are on offer.

Jordan, who brought five-year-old staffie cross Jacko along to model the lead, said: “I introduced these to my business because a lot of people don’t have aggressive dogs, but like Jacko can get nervous around other dogs.

“You don’t feel silly wearing the vest because it makes people aware. It can help to avoid unfortunate attacks.

“This project has been a big success in other parts of the country for a few years but it’s not well known here and that needs to change.

“The message is getting through and I’d love it if every dog owner in North Devon could benefit from it.”

You can get a free yellow ribbon at www.tailstotrails.co, or can purchase any of the other products at www.yellowdoguk.co.uk.