Ambitious revised plans for the old Yelland power station site include a 50-bedroom hotel and restaurant alongside 280 new homes.

A snapshot of the latest proposals for the Yelland power station site.A snapshot of the latest proposals for the Yelland power station site.

Councillors were briefed this morning (Tuesday) on the proposals from Yelland Quay Ltd, which are a variation on its 2016 application for 280 homes plus a ‘maritime employment campus and marine energy park’.

The revised proposals still include employment space, plus a social hub to include a pub and community building.

Fremington district councillors Jayne Mackie and Frank Biederman said in a joint statement: “We are aware the application will raise great concerns in the community and will be engaging with them to ensure all issues will be heard through public meetings.

“We realise that this is an allocated brownfield site in the local plan, but for us there are still answers and issues to be addressed especially the transport, health and education infrastructure.

The safety of the many thousands of locals and tourists using the much loved Tarka Trail is of concern, as the development traffic will have to cross it.”

It is the latest application for the 90 acre site, which has seen a string of proposals aired since the power station closed down.

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