The ‘plastic free’ movement is continuing to gather pace across Bideford, Appledore and Westward Ho!

More and more businesses are signing up to support the initiative by Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) in a bid to reduce plastic pollution in the oceans.

Pannier Pantry has changed to use paper straws and wooden cutlery, as well as paper boxes for takeaways and a discount for customers who bring in re-useable cups for drinks.

Intagr8 in Bideford has also achieved plastic free status, as they re-use plastic cutlery and bags, and no longer use plastic bottle for off-site youth sessions.

Manager Rachel Raper said: “As a community hub we really care about all this waste and pollution at our doorstep. We will help to spread the word at all the events we are involved with.”

In Westward Ho! A Slice of Life cafe has changed the majority of its single-use plastics.

They have eliminated plastic cutlery and straws, and made the switch to Vegware compostable packaging and paper packaging for takeaway.

F Heard butchers in Westward Ho! is also getting on board with the scheme, by offering customers a chance to bring in their own containers when they buy their meat and produce.

Everything Westward is the first shop in Westward Ho! to join the plastic free revolution.

Owner Mogs Warrener has committed to not using plastic bags as well as offering free tap water top-ups and collecting money for SAS.

Tea on the Green has made some big changes, with owners Mark and Alison Partridge using Vegware packaging and compostable cutlery on request.

Hong Kong Diner has also replaces all its plastic cutlery, straws and disposable table clothes, and has registered as a refill station offering water.

Manager Lucy Lowe said: “Looking after the environment in which we live is extremely important to us.

“Making small changes can have a huge impact.

“Joining this campaign has really made us think about changes we can make – and we embrace these changes and the positive impact they will have.”

To find out more visit the Plastic Free Appledore, Bideford and Westward Ho! Facebook page.