Don’t let embarrassment get in the way of vital cancer screening, as nine women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day.

Every day nine women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer and three women will lose their lives.

In North, East and West Devon, 10.2 women per 100,000 are diagnosed with cervical cancer.

It is the most common cancer in women under 35 and is largely preventable thanks to screening and the HPV vaccination programme.

But, statistics show the number of women aged 25-29 years being screened for cervical cancer is the lowest in any age group.

Lynne Benton, South West screening and immunisation co-ordinator for NHS England, said: “It is really important for all women to understand the importance of attending cervical screening when they receive a letter from the screening programme as it can detect pre-cancerous abnormalities, which, if left untreated, may develop into cancer.

“I urge women who may have received a letter and decided not to attend to reconsider and make an appointment – it really is very quick, it could prevent you needing more invasive treatment later on and could ultimately save your life.”

Screening takes five minutes and is performed by a practice nurse.