Work on a new skate park in Bideford which hopes to be a ‘destination facility’ is due to start soon.

Construction of the concrete ‘wheel park’ at the sports ground in Bideford is expected to take 10-12 weeks.

It is being build on the redundant tennis courts and will replace the former skate park at Bank End.

James Jarroudi, project manager and community engagement officer at Torridge District Council, said: “Getting to this stage has been a long, tricky but highly enjoyable journey.

“Working closely with the steering group and local organisations has been vital in determining the right location and correct design for what users want from such a facility.

“I cant wait for the park to finally be available to the community and visitors alike.”

Councillor Jane Whittaker, leader TDC, added: “I am absolutely delighted that the Wheel Park will soon be available to the young people of Bideford and the surrounding areas.

“I know only too well just how many of them have hoped to have a facility like this delivered locally and have in the past travelled considerable distances in order to enjoy using something similar.

“A great deal of thought and expertise has been harnessed in order to produce such a brilliant design for the park.”

The site has been designed with guidance from a steering group to allow users of all ages and abilities to use the area safely.

To set the facility apart from the traditional ‘skate park’ and with a nod to its surroundings, the park will incorporate a Bideford bridge-themed grind ledge with blue coloured concrete running through it, representing the Torridge River.

Work is due commence imminently, with an anticipated 10-12 week construction period.