The 30-week programme to build further offices at Riverbank House in Bideford has begun.

Work has begun on a new office building for Torridge District Council in Bideford.

The 30-week programme is designed to cut costs, in reaction to a reduction in Government grants.

Once completed, the new building will enable to council to move one step closer to relocate to one single site.

This will see 'less efficient' buildings such as Bridge Buildings in Bideford disposed of.

Adrian Redwood, property and contracts manager, said: "While we're only three weeks into a 30 week schedule we're delighted with the progress made so far.

"We anticipate that the programme will be delivered on schedule and completed as planned by the end of October.

"We'll be working on parallel projects such as the new 'customer hub' at Riverbank at the same time and all of this will deliver a significant part of the council's overall transformation plans."

Almost 1,000 tonnes of stone was laid and levelled in preparation for piling, which has now also been completed.

The next phase is to form the concrete foundations followed by substructure masonry in preparation for the steel frame delivery.