Woman angry at council after pavement slip

A woman is angry at Devon County Council for not doing enough about slippery moss on the pavements.

A BIDEFORD woman has been left angry and out of pocket after slipping on a pavement she claimed was a health hazard.

Susan Clifton came out of Butchers’ Row in Bideford onto Market Place when she slipped on some wet moss covering the pavement and fell.

Mrs Clifton, a mother-of-two, said: “It caught me so much by surprise that I didn’t even have time to put my hands out to break my fall.

“I ended up smashing my new glasses and getting cuts and bruises around my eye; if the glass had caught me any closer it could have been a lot worse.”

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Mrs Clifton complained to the Devon County Council after her fall in December 2011, claiming the wet moss was responsible for her accident.

She said: “The pavements all around that area are a hazard; they are covered in a green moss, which is incredibly slippery when it gets wet.”

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Three people saw Mrs Clifton fall, and helped her get back to her feet, struggling themselves on the paving.

One of the passersby even wrote Mrs Clifton an email for her to pass to the council, stating: “I know how treacherous it was because as I was helping you up I slipped as well and had to grab one of the bollards to steady myself”.

But Mrs Clifton was shocked when the council investigated the area and claimed there was nothing wrong.

She said: “All I wanted was compensation for the brand new glasses that had smashed in the fall, but instead they launched into a full injury claim, with solicitors investigating and stating there was nothing wrong with the pavements.

“The council have done nothing about it still. The green coating has got worse since I fell, and in the winter I can’t even begin to explain how dangerous these pavements get.

“I dread to think what could happen if an elderly person slipped on them; I was lucky to have three kind strangers who helped me, and I want to thank them.”

A council spokesman said: “The footpaths around Market Place are inspected on a regular basis and moss has been removed on occasions where conditions have required.

“We will continue to inspect the area on a regular basis and undertake further works as conditions deem necessary.”

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