Wind turbine falls over


- Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Investigation under way after ‘incident’ leaves Bradworthy wind turbine collapsed on the grass.

NO explanation has been given as to why a 111 foot wind turbine at Bradworthy toppled over at the weekend.

The turbine at East Ash Farm is currently lying flat on the ground after falling over in the early hours of Sunday morning, prompting local speculation it was caused by Saturday night’s high winds.

The Endurance E-3120 turbine was erected in 2010 by Dulas Limited at the farm of brothers Mickey and Jimmy Ludwell.

The turbine was said to have been the first of its kind to be put up in the UK and came with a five year warranty.

In a statement, Dulas CEO Sanjay Bowry said the company could confirm ‘an incident occurred with a turbine in the Bradworthy area of North Devon in the early hours of Sunday morning’.

“We can reassure the local community that due to the isolated location of the turbine, no one was put at risk and we are currently working hard to establish the precise cause of the incident,” he said.

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“Our technical team is one of the most experienced in the UK. They are working alongside the turbine manufacturer to conduct a full root-cause analysis investigation. We will continue to keep communication open and provide updates as and when we have further information.”

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