A campaign group hoping to make North Devon plastic free is urging people to ‘go naked’ for Lent.

With the first day of Lent starting today (Wednesday), the Plastic Free North Devon group is urging people to go 'naked' and give up single-use plastics.

The group is working towards making the region a plastic free coastline, with businesses and councils pledging to support its cause.

For 40 days and 40 nights, people are being urged to give up single-use plastics, and there is a Facebook group for support too.

Using refillable water bottles, saying no to straws and taking a refillable coffee cup out with you are some of their top tips.

Anyone taking part is also urged to bring their own bags when going shopping, and try to buy 'naked' foods where possible.

The group said: "Unpackaged fruit and veg, bread from the baker in a paper bag, gift cards without a plastic wrapper.

"If you are feeling brave try leaving any unnecessary packaging behind at the supermarket.

"The more people who do this, the more they will get the message that we don't want it.

"Even better - try John Patt's in Braunton for your veg; they are one of our Plastic Free Champions and you will be supporting a local business at the same time."

People are also urged to 'get naked' in the bathroom by using shampoo bars and glass-jars of deodorant, for example, instead of plastic packaged goods.

Anyone interested in taking part can check out the Plastic Free North Devon Facebook page.