The Gazette team enlisted the help of Barnstaple police to see just how over the drink drive limit they would be post-Christmas party.

The Gazette team like a good party, and after a few proseccos at our staff Christmas do, talk turned to whether or not we would be over the drink-drive limit the next day.

To find out, we enlisted the help of motor patrol sergeant Rob Kelland.

Sgt Kelland agreed to come to our office at 10.30am the next morning, after we had made our (slightly hungover) way to work by taxi, bus and lifts.

Luckily by 10.30am we all blew under the legal limit of 35 microgrammes (mg) of alcohol in 100ml of breath.

Gazette editor Andy Keeble blows into the breathalyser.Gazette editor Andy Keeble blows into the breathalyser.

But Sgt Kelland said several of us would have been over the limit at the time we would normally commute.

One member of staff - who shall remain unnamed - blew 24mg, the highest reading, while another blew 19, and another 12.

Sgt Kelland said: “You lose around 8mg of alcohol an hour, so if you were driving to work at 8am you would have been over the limit.

“To spend money on a taxi is a cheaper option than getting caught drink driving - you will lose your licence; you could lose your job; your insurance when you do start driving again will be through the roof.”

For us, the remaining alcohol in our system the following morning was a bit of a stark realisation.

The message is clear - if you know you’re going to be drinking, don’t risk it. It’s simply not worth it.

The police will be conducting a number of drink driving operations over the festive season - reporter Sarah Howells joined police in Ilfracombe on one last week.