Following a ‘successful’ Happiness Tour visit to Barnstaple, there are renewed hopes that holidays might be coming to Barnstaple this Christmas...

There are renewed hopes that the Coca Cola Christmas lorry will come to Barnstaple this year following a 'successful' Happiness Tour stop.

Last week, the Gazette incorrectly reported online that the famous lorry would be visiting Barnstaple on Thursday, when in fact it was the Coca Cola Happiness Tour interactive pod.

Hundreds lined up to smile at the facial recognition cameras and receive a free sample as the Square was turned red.

When contacted by the Gazette, a Coca Cola spokesperson said that the Christmas tour schedule was yet to be confirmed for the lorry.

Last year, North Devon did not get a visit from the lorry.

Barnstaple town centre assistant Sue Rawle said that Coca Cola had labelled the day 'a huge success' and had thanked Barnstaple for a warm welcome.

She added that the decision on whether or not to try to bring the Christmas lorry to town would be incoming town centre manager Hannah Harrington's to make.

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