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Since 1856, the North Devon Gazette has been there with you.

Right now we reach more of you in print and via digital than we ever have before.

But now more than ever before, our work to inform and entertain you is in danger – and we need your help to build a sustainable future for our title.

Over the years we’ll have made you think, made you smile, made you angry, made you proud of our area.

In 2015, we highlighted the new Seamoor Unit for cancer patients opening at North Devon District Hospital after a £2.2m appeal, which was hugely championed by the paper.

Each year, we run Light Up a Life – an annual appeal run exclusively by the paper in support of the region’s two hospices. It has just had its 23rd year and each year it raises around £35,000-40,000.

We have covered all the news across the area from Hartland in the west to Lynton in the east and to South Molton and Holsworthy in the south.

Today, with journalism already under pressure and coronavirus making finances even tighter, more and more communities are no longer represented by a local newspaper. Corruption goes unpunished. Bad decisions go unchecked. Fake news spreads uncorrected on social media.

To stop that happening in our area, we are inviting readers of our websites to give their financial support to our work. You can contribute any amount you like, as a one-off or a recurring contribution.

I believe that accurate, useful, honest, local journalism is vital to our future and I know you believe that too.

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Andrew Coley, Editor