North Devon Council’s ‘Live Love Local’ campaign celebrates and supports the many North Devon businesses that have reopened safely following lockdown and reminds residents to shop, eat and buy local.

Picture: North Devon CouncilPicture: North Devon Council

Here, the Economic Development Team inspire us to shop locally by sharing what they enjoy most about the experience.

1) Having fun with family and friends

Retail therapy is a great excuse to leave the house, and shopping is also an opportunity to meet with friends or catch up with family.

“Shopping in your local high street can be made into a fun social event – and, since you’ll be spending most of your time either in a controlled environment or outside, it’s still easy to be sensible and ‘Enjoy Safely’,” says a member of North Devon Council.

Picture: North Devon CouncilPicture: North Devon Council

2) Making someone’s day

Independent establishments are often family-run, and you’ll likely see the same friendly face whenever you visit. Through shopping in these local stores, you’re able to build trusting, close relationships with the people who run them – they’re grateful for your custom and you’re able to put a smile on their face. Not to mention this benevolent act may also make you feel good.

Source: North Devon CouncilSource: North Devon Council

3) Winning loyalty points and customer discounts

Many independent shops reward their customers for their continued loyalty by offering something for free after a number of visits, or discounts on certain products.

From October 10 to October 24, 2020, Barnstaple and Ilfracombe will be taking part in the ‘Totally Local Fiver Fest.’ Independent businesses will put on special £5 deals for these two weeks to introduce people to their products and express their gratitude for shopping with them.

Visit either of these North Devon high streets to take advantage of the limited time special offers available from the independent businesses on your doorstep - then pat yourself on the back for supporting them!

4) Boosting the local economy

Keep your money in North Devon by shopping in North Devon.

“More often than not, local businesses utilise other local businesses when they can, like an independent store using an electrician from down the road rather than a company that’s UK-wide,” explains an NDC (North Devon Council) representative.

“Buying from a local restaurant, shop, or other establishment results in you not only supporting the business you’re purchasing from, but also many others.”

Using these businesses also helps to provide jobs for local residents.

5) The first-hand shopping experience

“Shopping in a physical independent shop, as opposed to a virtual, corporate one, allows you to see the products up close and make a more informed decision before purchasing,” says a member of the NDC.

“The wealth of local shops in North Devon offer a wide range of wonderfully unique, one-of-a-kind products, as well as a friendly personalised service.”

And, if you need to return a purchased item for any reason, rather than going through the stress of posting it back to an address that’s often miles away and hoping that you get a refund, all you have to do is pop into your local store.

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North Devon Council’s ‘Live Love Local’ Campaign is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Her Majesty’s Government.