Parties prepare to woo the independent vote to secure an administration to run NDC for the next five years.

Bargains could be struck and deals discussed this weekend as the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats bid to form an administration to run North Devon Council.

The Conservatives are the largest party with 19 seats, but the Lib Dems have 12 and the key could be who can woo most of the 11 independents as well as one UKIP councillor.

“We are again the biggest party and we are looking to form a cabinet for the council,” said Conservative leader Des Brailey.

“We have some work to do and we’re working on this now. We hope that in the next day or two that we will be in a position to go forward.”

Sitting leader of the council, Brian Greenslade, said they had to respect the outcome of the election.

“I had been predicting it was going to be little difference to what it currently is and indeed, it’s not,” he said in reference to the political division of council seats.

Nobody has an overall majority and there will clearly be conversations between politicians looking to form a stable for the annual meeting on May 21 and as indeed we did last time.”

The political make up of the council is little changed – the Liberals lost one seat to UKIP and one more to the Conservatives to take their total from 14 to 12.